About The Coldwater Story

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The name “The Coldwater Story” comes from the street name, Coldwater Canyon Avenue, which marks the border between Sherman Oaks and Studio City. For our purposes, Coldwater doesn’t represent a dividing line so much as it represents a link that brings two neighborhoods together.

The Coldwater Story is a website with stories about local people, places and issues. But it’s more than just stories–it’s arts and entertainment, illustrations, photography, a little bit of news and more. All of these taken taken together will hopefully wind up telling The Coldwater Story.

For now I am committed to keeping it going for one year. At the end of 2022 we will reexamine and see what’s what.

About the Creator

Carl Robinette is the creator of The Coldwater Story and a writer of fiction, poetry and journalism. Carl has worked in community journalism since 2011, most recently as a reporter with The Beverly Hills Courier newspaper. Previously, he has worked as a newspaper reporter for Los Feliz Ledger, the Star News in Chula Vista, San Diego City News and other community news outlets.

Carl’s fiction can be read in many publications in print and online, including Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Mystery Weekly Magazine, Mystery Tribune and more. Carl’s poetry has appeared in Entropy Magazine and he is currently developing new fiction, poetry and other creative work.