Community Garage Sale “Treasure Map” in Studio City 

A couple of months back I picked up an old Buck knife in great condition at a local garage sale. I’ve used it for little more than splitting tape on shipping boxes, but something about the old pocketknife appeals to my inner Hardy Boy. It’s one of my favorite garage sale finds.  

Now imagine the great finds you might come across if someone made it easy for you to visit 10 or more garage sales in a single day. Studio City native and local realtor Stefanie Pollack is doing just that.

Stock photo courtesy of Paul Povoroznuk on Unsplash

This Saturday, June 4th, Stefanie is organizing a coordinated garage sale event with about 15 Studio City homes participating. The concept is similar to something like an Art Crawl or Pub Crawl. Stefanie has put together a “treasure map” showing where each garage sale location can be found, and she is putting up street signage to help you find each home. 

“What I’m doing is making it easier for our neighbors to have a garage sale without worrying about all the marketing of it,” said Stefanie. “I’m handling all the marketing and signage to get people over to each of the garage sales that they’re having independently at their houses.” 

The event will also partner with the non-profit organization NoHo Home Alliance which will be seeking men’s clothing donations to help clothe our less fortunate neighbors. The charity serves homeless residents, and they say men’s clothing donations are in short supply. 

For Stefanie, the garage sale concept helps foster community by creating a platform for people to visit their neighbors and connect. She says she hopes it also helps families find a greater sense of joy in their home by encouraging them to clean-up and declutter. 

“I just want everybody to have a good time and declutter, and realize that their home is their sanctuary,” said Stefanie. “If it’s something that I can help them with, I would really like to see people live happily in their homes.” 

She said the old adage “out of sight out of mind” isn’t really true when it comes to packed-away clutter in your garage. Clutter has more weight than many people realize, and it takes its toll on your subconscious, she said. 

“I see myself as a community connector and I definitely enjoy meeting people in the neighborhood,” Stefanie added, saying she wants to do her part to give back to the community. 

As a Studio City native, she remembers a time when the Valley neighborhood felt like its own small town. Now as the Valley becomes more populated and feels more like it is becoming part of the big city, she said she believes people are looking for that sense of community, especially since the pandemic. 

“I think that a lot of people, including myself, are missing that community feeling of togetherness and being interactive.” Stefanie said she recently held a garage sale at her home a couple of weeks ago and she and her family really enjoyed the social aspects of it. 

Stock photo courtesy of Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

Whether you’re into vintage clothing, furniture, camera equipment, art or bric-à-brac, there’s something special about going to a garage sale, finding treasures and even learning the item histories from the homeowners. 

“My vision is, I imagine people will be walking around with their kids or their dogs, maybe with a cup of coffee in their hand,” Stefanie said. But she added that driving a car to fit all your treasures in is also a good idea. 

“I’m looking forward to meeting neighbors and I hope everyone has a positive and wonderful experience. And I look forward to doing many more community events in the future,” said Stefanie. 

When, Where, How 

Saturday, June 4th, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. 

  • There’s no sign-up necessary to shop, but the sign-up period to include your own garage sale has ended. 
  • You can email Stefanie to request a digital map or just go to 4321 Vantage Ave for a printed copy the day of the event. Maps will also be available at the individual garage sales. 
  • Remember to bring cash in small bills 

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