The Pondella Building – A Sherman Oaks Curiosity

With a fairytale design that looks like a combination of Victorian and Bavarian architecture, the Pondella Building is one of the great gems of Sherman Oaks. On Riverside Drive, just west of Woodman Avenue, it seems to hide in plain site in the shadow of a much taller office building across the street from Fashion Square mall.

pondella building sherman oaks
The Pondella Building from the southside of Riverside Drive

This 10,614-squarefoot office building was built in 1977, according to, and designed by architect Thomas Don Knott (unconfirmed). It currently houses a variety of professional businesses. What fun it must be to go to work here everyday.

Check out the cool weathervane over the Pondella Building’s arched gate entrance
Look at the detail of the brickwork, stonework and woodwork
A stained glass stairwell with spiral staircase is arguably the most striking feature of the Pondella Building
Here’s a look at the stairwell from the outside.
Why settle for one spiral staircase? The Pondella Building has two.
Here is the fanciful fireplace that is in the main lobby. What do you suppose is behind that door to the left?
The building frontage is a warren of brick-paved walkways

The brick walkway extends to the curb and is integrated with the city’s sidewalk on Riverside Drive. As the building extends back from the street, it becomes more square and less intricate, but beautiful all the way around.

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