Hiking Fryman Canyon Part 2: Rattle Snake in the “Rain Forest”

I’m a rattle snake, so you’re gonna have to wait, bud.

I know snakes are probably not aware that they are venomous, but the way this 3-footer casually moseyed off the trail was like it was saying, “I’m a rattle snake, so you’re gonna have to wait, bud.” I see 1 or 2 of these “tubes of death” each year. They are generally more casual than the other local snake species like the Striped Racers and Gopher Snakes, which tend to scurry right off the trail. I’ve seen some pretty laid back King Snakes too.

This video was shot in the section of Fryman Canyon known locally as “The Rain Forest”. Despite the semi-arid climate, there is a rainforesty vibe thanks to the stream that runs through this section, combined with old native oaks and California Walnut trees (plus a bunch of invasive tree species that create a towering canopy).

All in all, really pretty hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains this April lots of green, lots of flowers lots of wildlife.

Check out the video linked below to see the upper portion of Fryman Canyon…

Hiking Fryman Canyon Late Afternoon

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