People Sketching: “Home Without a House”

people sketching studio city
“Home Without a House” – Seen near Coldwater and Ventura. Illustration by Carl Robinette

I hesitated with this sketch. I spotted this homeless man in Studio City outside the Ralph’s at Coldwater Canyon Ave. and Ventura Blvd. I hesitated because caricature, like celebrity roasting, is a medium that pokes fun. But don’t the best caricatures, and the best roasts, come from a place of love and mutual vulnerability? Still, turning a person who lives on the streets into a cartoon gave me pause. But I eventually decided this–if I’ve set out to sketch the people of Studio City and Sherman Oaks, it would be very uncool for me to turn a blind-eye to our homeless neighbors, especially in the case of someone as eye-catching as this person. So with that, I drew this man with as much dignity as can be mustered in a caricature portrait. It was a few months ago and I haven’t seen him lately. I hope he got the services he needs.

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